Welcome to the Conference day

We all share a common interest – we care deeply about the well-being and future of our beautiful breed.

We feel now it is the right time to talk about the future of a Samoyed breed, as we all face serious problems these days. What the future holds for our breed? Can we influence it? What can we do to preserve the features, health, character and working abilities of Samoyeds? Moreover, we feel that a great deal in breeding decisions are in fact done by judges these days – as their winning dogs will be used by majority of breeders.

Let´s work on the answers together. Your questions, experience and/or suggestions are welcome throughout the Conference, after each speech there will be a discussion.

Also, we have prepared a Questionnaire to find out what do you see as the biggest threads for our breed. There will be a PC available to fill it up on Sunday – thank you in advance.

The outcome of this Conference will be forwarded to the Russian Kennel Club and the FCI as a letter of concern and possible advice to preserve our breed´s features, health, character and working abilities for future generations.

Topics are as follows – the exact times and order of speeches will be added later on.

  1. MVDr. Zdeněk MACENAUER / CV : New approach in evaluating dysplasia and practical advice for breeders on Hip and Elbow dysplasia in dogs
  2. MVDr. Enrico Stefanizzi / CV : The most common disorders of the reproductive organs causing subfertility to infertility in dogs and bitches
  3. Andrea Eicher: The role of judges in the future development of our breed
  4. Penny Roberts, Helen Hill, Charlotte Craig, Gary Scobell, Jackie Pritchard, Andrea Eicher, Emily Múdra, Jana Fuernkranz Fulierová (and all the Judges attending the Conference, feel free to step out and tell us your opinion) – discussion on the role of judges in the future development of our breed
  5. Penny Roberts: Guide on how to judge a Samoyed correctly