Helen Hill – CV


I met my first Samoyed in 1974 as a puppy, just before I got married and left Victoria to spend 12 months in Perth Western Australia.
This dog came to live with us when we returned to Melbourne.
He was registered and when I finally got his papers I contacted the Samoyed Club, became a member, and started showing.
I was fortunate that this dog came from the top kennel at the time. With the help of the breeders’ daughter he was shown successfully and I began my foray into the world of pure bred dogs and the show world. The dog was CH Kalina Imperial Luna and in the hands of Jane Sydenham-Clarke he won numerous Best In Group and a Best in Show. He only had a short show career as he was quite a handful. His pet name of Satan often suited him. I did not give him this name, but he was too old to change it when he came to me so Satan he was.
Ch Ladara Fair Zaminka and Ch Kalina Fair Zala followed and Mezen Kennels was established.

I started going to judges lectures in 1980 so that I could study about breeds and learn what went into making them unique.
I am licensed to judge Utility and Non Sporting at Championship Show level.
My main goal in taking up judging was to increase my knowledge of breed type and construction so that I could incorporate the information into my breeding.
I have a special interest in the spitz breeds, studying both the subtle and not so subtle differences between them.
I enjoy judging and the challenge of trying to find the dog that is described in the standard even if he is the fictional perfect dog. As judges and breeders the standard must never be far from our breeding decisions. When we judge we are looking for the dog that best meets the standard on the day. When we breed we are looking for a dog that meets the criteria for type and soundness (both of mind and body) and is the best choice for our bitch. It is not always the top winning dog of the day

I have spent much time in discussion with breeders of the various breeds, analysing the merits of the various dogs, always spending time with those breeders who were honest and genuine in their praise and fair in their criticism of the different dogs.
I have a love of all dogs and appreciate a good one no matter what breed it is.
My daughter Kate is now my partner in the Samoyeds and together we discuss and plan our breedings and the future direction of the kennel.
I take pride in the knowledge that Mezen bred dogs are found in the breeding programs of other Samoyed breeders both here and overseas.

I like to follow the breed in other countries and have been fortunate meet fellow exhibitors and breeders and discuss all things Samoyed.

I am very honoured to be invited to judge at the WSM in 2022 and look forward to a wonderful event